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February 20, 2012

winter’s here

by adandelionchild

do yourselves all a favor and listen to this gem. please and thank you.


P.S. I will be sharing my obsession with one of these artists as soon as I get a chance, but this amazing little collaboration can’t wait until I have that moment.

October 10, 2011

The Bundle

by adandelionchild

I don’t know about you, but I am really glad that is finally that time of year when we can break out our hats and gloves and scarves. ESPECIALLY scarves. And by ‘that time of year’ I mean the particular moment when older people don’t look at you like you’re crazy for wearing a scarf to the family fourth of july party.

I wear them a lot, can you tell? They are one of my favorite things because they can dress an outfit up or down, add color, keep you warm, or cover up the stain on your shirt that you can’t seem to get out… But even though they do all those things, the best asset of scarves is that they come in completely different varieties. I won’t be buying an Hermès anytime soon, but there are a lot of places you can get quality scarves for a reasonable price.  Target and the extremely affordable Plato’s Closet are always good choices, but I recently found the online store:


The store sells a variety of dyed fabric scarves but they offer this awesome package deal of 16 of their “long and skinny” scarves in a variety of colors for $192.00! Okay. I realize that does not sound like an amazing deal. Especially to everyone out there making as much as I do. But if you break that down, that’s $12 for a(as they put it on their website) “light as as cotten scarf.” They look comfy and I think they would transition really well through every season. Which is perfect for you folks like me…who wear a scarf five days a week. If anyone is looking for a fahncy-fahncy gift (or just feel like splurging!) also check out their COLORBLOCKS and Random Dye Collections. They’re beautiful!

P.S. a big wink, wink to any family or friends looking for holiday gift ideas!

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