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November 16, 2011


by Jillian Douglas

I absolutely love creating.

I love dreaming up an idea, working with it in my hands, and watching it develop. That creative process has given me energy since I was (much more) little. It’s God’s gift to me; when I imagine Heaven, I picture God and I working side by side, perhaps squishing some clay in our hands, perhaps smoothing thick paint on a canvas. Creativity is something deep in my being, and when it surfaces, it bubbles with joy.

Summer Wildflower Photo Print 8x10"Pinecone Photography Print 8x10", MattedHelp Japan- origami crane photo printNYC Central Park Photography Print 8x10"

I like to think that every single one of my creations has some token of joy. Like a memory, or a connection to a favorite thing or idea. And what was joy made for except to share? That’s why I made a spot online, called 48valentine, where I can put my creations up for sale. There’s quite a range; at times there will be photography, paintings, and other goods. I also include vintage items in my shop, too; items that recall beauty from the past or remain simply timeless.

Photography Print "The Sinking Sun" 8x10", Matted

He Holds Us in His Hands- Acrylic Painting- Bird

So take a look around…! And don’t be shy! Let me know what you think. 

You can also go here to like 48valentine on Facebook (you’ll find more details about the works, my creative process, and helpful, inspiring links, like how to start a productive day). Can’t wait to see you there!

November 3, 2011

Newly Sharpened Pencils

by Jillian Douglas

Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.

This line from the chick flick classic You’ve Got Mail sums it all up; I love school supplies. And fall. And of course they’re talking about New York, the real New York, but I think I’m satisfied with the New York I live in. So here is a glimpse of my ever-evolving Etsy favorites list, fall style. Simply click the images to see it in Etsy:

Fall Forest, limited edition giclee printHand Drawn Note Paper Grid Paper Button SetLittle Acorn Pin BroochDelicate Twig Stacking Ring Set - Sterling Silver

Autumn rustic art harvest gold aqua tree photo autumn forest canadian maple trees russet fall colors - Enchanted 20x20Autumn Moon Clockzippered caseFelted Acorn Garland  - ten handfelted acorns on hemp string

E is for Emmy, Pick Your Letter, Custom Initial Letter Necklace, Sterling Silver on ChainYellow Patent Leather Satchel FREE UK SHIPPINGwhite birch forest - organic white birch wood wall artPersonalized Tea Mug Cozy Knitted Pumpkin Orange Cup Cozy

What do you love about fall? What’s your favorite school supply?

P.S. I think Ashley and I have a thing with Meg Ryan. Who knew?

October 15, 2011

A Wonderful Land

by Jillian Douglas

there is a wonderful land i have come to know on the interweb. it’s where little handmade bunnies made of felted wool come and play, frolicking among beautifully crafted, smooth ceramic dishes and vintage pearl necklaces. it’s where ideas blossom, gifts sprouts, and creative hope sparks. it’s called… etsy.

formally, etsy is a website where artists and antique curators sell their goods in their own little shops. there is no end to the awesomeness available on etsy. seriously. i have looked for it. in vain.

somehow, i wind up spending a lot of time on this website. it’s become a daily habit for me. check email… check facebook… check etsy. not really doing anything productive. just… ogling. i ogle. i ogle etsy stuff. it’s true. when i find something delightful, lovely, crazy, or crazy-cute, i favorite it. in fact, i’ve collected quite a few favorites over these past few years. here’s a few:

8x10 illustration print: Fishing in Oregon (fisherman with umbrella in boat on the ocean in the rain) Beaker and Test Tube Cookies-  2 Dozen Trapeze Artists Sterling Silver Necklace by Markhed Falling, original sewn painting

etsy shops, from left to right: AlexWijnen, acookiejar, MarKhed, tastesorangey

one thing i love about etsy as a community is that the company itself really takes the time to help sellers succeed. if you’re contemplating starting an etsy shop, there’s loads of resources.

but if you’re like me, who simply enjoys window shopping for a few hours (hee hee), there’s a myriad of helpful goodies to help you find tangible joy. you can sign up for daily emails featuring all kinds of gorgeousness. if you’re looking for a gift, try this thingymajiggie that finds gifts for your friends depending on what they have liked on facebook (it’s 50/50… but it does get the old noggin going). if your color-crazy, try this thingeh, which i find is actually just plain fun to play with.

more pretty stuff:

Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace, Mint Green Glass Teardrop Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace - Leaf Art Print of Original Watercolor Painting--Artichokes--Food Kitchen Decor  Cameo Blue Boy Felt Nursery Wall Art The Feather Bracelet - Sterling Silver

etsy shops, from left to right: GlitzGlitter, workingwoman, RWscissors, verabel

so don’t be surprised to hear more about etsy on this turf. i just really can’t help it.

until next time,


October 12, 2011

Ombre Everything

by Jillian Douglas

Color is so important in design. It can really make or break something, like that ugly chartreuse sweater your auntie gave you in junior high (chartreuse, then = geeky. chartreuse, now = edgy & hipster. how things have changed…)

So what really gets me about ombre is that it’s appropriate for any color. Ombre means the item is one hue, but fades into different tones. It’s a subtle but also striking technique. I love this Blueberry Rainbow cake, made by Swedish blogger Lisa Lundqvist…

I find this monochromatic (one hue, different shades) style so lovely and elegant. I think it originates from the glory days of tie dye, using a basic dip-dye effect. Regardless, it matches almost every style, from traditional or preppy to bohemian or indie.

This yellow ombre bag from Teddyfish would look great with so many different outfits… And this Happy Birthday Card from Social Proper is just lovely. Anthropologie got it just right with this emerald ombre covered dish (at $28, that sounds like a steal, taking into account the depressingly high prices over there).$redesign-appcat$

Do you readers agree? Do you have a favorite ombre item? I’d love to hear about them!