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November 17, 2011

Jenny Pope at the Mill

by Jillian Douglas

Here’s something for those of you who live in the Rochester area. The Mill Art Center and Gallery is a free art gallery in Honeoye Falls placed right above the beautiful restaurant The Rabbit Room. The whole building is rustic and artsy, and perfect for a date (wink!). It’s been a while since I have personally eaten at The Rabbit Room, but I hear it’s delicious. Also, just across the street is Enjoy cafe, great for lunch.


But the main attraction I find is the 2 floors of art gallery, art and yoga studios, and gift shop in The Mill. I just went a couple of weeks ago and saw Jenny Pope’s many woodcut prints on display. In case you don’t know, woodcut prints are really hard to make, and the process is irreversible, making each print unique and very rare. To make one, the artist carves away space on a  block, rolls paint on to it, and prints (kind of like a huge stamp). Then to get the next layer of color, they carve more away, roll more paint on, and print over the first layer. The more layers, the harder.

Needless to say, I was inspired by the amazing skill displayed in Pope’s art. It’s amazing, thinking about carving all of that detail! You’ve really got to have a good eye for negative space for this craft. Her pieces have such a sense of movement, too. Just look at this…!

And this!

So if you’re in the area, be sure to check Jenny Pope’s art out before the exhibition leaves on November 26th (a little more than a week)! You can also see her portfolio here at her website (but still go see it in person! It’s free and you have no excuse!).

The Mill also offers a lot of great art classes for people of all ages. This could make a really cool Christmas present for the artist in your family. I’ve heard great things from my friends about classes at the Mill; everyone seems to have had a positive experience. And you can always learn a little more about art!

Or how about yoga classes at the Balanced Body Massage and Yoga, also at the Mill? That could be fun!

Last but not least, visit Talulah’s Fancy and Friends, the gift shop tucked away on the second floor. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner Tamara Stopinski when I stopped by the other week… she was such an encouragement! Check out Tamara’s blog here.When you stop by you’ll find lots of lovely handcrafted items there for your home or friends.

Who knew Honeoye Falls had so much to offer? And all in one building. Pretty cool, huh?