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October 24, 2011

Photo Editinggggg!

by Jillian Douglas

So you took that snapshot 5 months ago and you still can’t stop thinking about. It’s beautiful! It’s charming! It evokes just the right emotions deep within my soul! And yet the picture itself is pleading with you, Please, please… edit me. I have curves! I have layers!  Edit me!

Photos can be a little needy.

Anyways, with a handy little (FREE) tool called GIMP, you too can answer the wild call of photos and set their hearts on fire! Apparently GIMP is a tad harder to learn than Photoshop, but with online tutorials, learning a few editing skillz is a breeze!

So here’s the first tutorial; it’s really good for portraits, but adaptable to a lot of different kinds of photography. Don’t worry, it’s really easy! You can get the original free tutorial from Jonathan Enn’s blog, Photo Excursions. It’s a tad different. Here’s a photo I edited using this:

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