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February 28, 2012

Emily + Matt

by Jillian Douglas

Three weeks ago I had the lovely opportunity to take engagement photos of my newly engaged friend Emily and her fiance, Matt.

Aren’t they cute?

This was my first time taking engagement photos. I found it really fun! I was a bit intimidated with how to pose the couple, since most of the photography I’ve done thus far was photo-journalistic. Better brush up and Pinterest some more…

Below is a gallery; just click on the photo to see it larger.

This is my personal favorite. I love those berries! They were a real find…

Actually, this one, too. I love the epic and adventurous feel it gives.

I don’t take photos professionally yet, but I am interested in helping someone else’s photography business endeavors. What do you think?

February 7, 2012

Things Organized Neatly

by Jillian Douglas

These aesthetically appealing photos were all found on Things Organized Neatly, where Austin Radcliffe curates photos of- you guessed it- things organized neatly.

ed: Barbie utensils, I think. I really like this, I don’t care how straight it is.

I find it fascinating to comb through all of the submissions… subjects range greatly from a massive toy car collection to vintage keys to sandwiches. Also popular are photos showing the contents of people’s bags.

Old keys.

SUBMISSION: Cucumber Sandwiches. :)
the blog out and see if you’re inspired to photograph a part of your life freshly organized!

All photos acquired from the Things Organized Neatly blog.
December 8, 2011


by Jillian Douglas

There’s just something about that crisp little “click” you hear when snapping a freshly found photo on a DSLR. It’s a kind of food, I think. Food for photojunkies.

If you identify with me, you’ll love this website I found called photojojo. They’re fellow photo nerds, too!


First I read their book, which is full of nifty crafts dealing with photography. The instructions are simple and the writing is light and quirky. Would be a great gift for someone who wants to “bring out the dead!”, er, relove all those snapshots hidden in the recesses of your computer (it’s okay; you’re not the only one, and you can do something with them!)

But I didn’t know until one glorious hour ago that Photojojo actually has a fantastic store online. Like, tweet, Pinterest, and blog-worthy. Woah.

Here you can purchase lens for DSLR’s, like a 2x Telephoto adapter, a more affordable option to get those nice, close images without spendin’ the big bucks quite yet. You can also get lens and special tripods for your iphone. And look at this special light-sensitive dyes! Just apply to cloth or wood, put shapes on top, and let the light transform it to higher levels of loveliness.


Isn’t that awesome?!

So check out their store! There’s so many cool products, with a real nice price range. Even if you’re not really into photography, perusing these will get you photo-inspired in a snap. (Heehee, snap. Get it?)

Lastly, you must, must, must visit the Photojojo newsletter archives. It’s kind of like a continuous version of the book, saturated with lots of crafty ideas, new products, challenges, and tips. I’m going to try out these 4 Fun and Easy Ways to Make Your Photos Look Vintage!

Happy photo-taking, lovies! I’d love to see what you take this holiday season!

October 24, 2011

Photo Editinggggg!

by Jillian Douglas

So you took that snapshot 5 months ago and you still can’t stop thinking about. It’s beautiful! It’s charming! It evokes just the right emotions deep within my soul! And yet the picture itself is pleading with you, Please, please… edit me. I have curves! I have layers!  Edit me!

Photos can be a little needy.

Anyways, with a handy little (FREE) tool called GIMP, you too can answer the wild call of photos and set their hearts on fire! Apparently GIMP is a tad harder to learn than Photoshop, but with online tutorials, learning a few editing skillz is a breeze!

So here’s the first tutorial; it’s really good for portraits, but adaptable to a lot of different kinds of photography. Don’t worry, it’s really easy! You can get the original free tutorial from Jonathan Enn’s blog, Photo Excursions. It’s a tad different. Here’s a photo I edited using this:

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