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January 26, 2012


by Jillian Douglas

Check these lil’ babies out!

I found these the other day on Lovely Package, a blog dedicated to “curating the very best packaging design.” The packaging design was pretty stellar (scroll down more), but I just happen to like the product itself- a simple lid that will make any canning jar into a spill-proof mug. You just put replace that metal cap and screw on the rim part.

Isn’t that neat?

To purchase, visit the Cuppow site

Here’s some more coffee wonders:

What can I do with all these used coffee grounds?

It all started with goats.

You’ll never guess which country consumes the most coffee. Okay, the U.S. But I bet you’ll never guess the third-leading coffee-consuming country!

How to make a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

October 18, 2011

Let’s Talk Coffee {1}

by Jillian Douglas

I absolutely love coffee. At first I really only liked the popular notion of drinking the strong beverage and forced myself to like it black. But now I have an irrational adoration for the stuff. I love the feeling of a hot mug warming up my cold hands, even mid-summer. I love how the bitter taste overpowers my mouth. I crave the strong smell wafting through the air.  Whenever I hear the soft gurgle of a coffee maker in motion, I become just a tad bit happier.

It might be an addiction.

Lately I’ve been loving a blend from Trader Joe’s called New Mexico Piñon Coffee. It. Is. Delicious. Piñons are a sort of nut found in Mexico, you see, and they blend it with the coffee, and the result is a decidedly nutty sort of coffee with a mild and light flavor (well, at least how I brew it. I suppose it could be rich, too). It’s the kind of coffee that tickles your tongue as you partake of a raspberry scone or other.

This, apparently, is what a piñon nut looks like. I am pretty sure these were mentioned in the American Girl books with Josefina, if any of you were an AG junkie like me (FELICITYISMYFAVORITE!). Image from

But then there’s the real coffee. The kind of coffee that’s worth paying almost $4 a cup for. I don’t have my own espresso maker at home or anything, and in fact the biggest one I’ll probably ever get (and want) is this little guy (cough cough, Christmas is coming). When Ashley, several other people and I went to Spain, we found that the whole country drinks espresso. If you go to McDonald’s and order a small coffee, you’re going to get about 2 ounces of the thickest, blackest coffee you’ve ever seen. It is espresso. It is edible.

As many times as my boyfriend and I have snuggled up in the corner booth at Java’s, each with our own hot beverage in hand, I still wonder what could possibly be in a macchiato. Or the subtle, subtle difference between a latte and a cappucino. And what is an Americano? Ain’t nothin’ American ’bout that drink. (Yeah, you did just read that). Anyways, I imagine that you readers want to know, too, which is why when I saw this picture below, I immediately thought “BLOG IT.”

I recognized about one fourth of these drinks; sad, right? My favorites are an Americano, which is bold and practically regular coffee only doesn’t need sugaring or creaming up to hide the delicate flavor. Also enjoyable is the ever-popular latte, which is always, always altered by every other cafe (Pumpkin Spice Lattes are quite delicious, I admit).

In writing this post, I have realized several things. The first is that this ought to be the beginning of a mini-series within the jj&good blog, because there is just way too much coffee goodness to fit into one sitting of reading, which, if I may be to blogs what Edgar Allan Poe was to short stories, ought to be a guideline for post lengths. (Ahem. Not that I am in any comparison to that hunk of awesome literature. But just saying.) The second realization is I think I am quite thoroughly addicted to coffee.

Darn it. Now I want some.

P.S. Trader Joe’s is coming to Pittsford this time next year! Woot woot!