by Jillian Douglas


I was thinking the other day about how marvelous and magical a simple little egg is.

Ostrich Egg

I mean, really. It’s biologically complex, and yet by sight it’s very simple: shell, white, yolk.

And when you cook it, many different things can happen.

You can boil it, right in its cozy little shell, for a beautifully round and smooth texture to crumble or eat whole.

You can fry it, snatching it quickly before the yolk solidifies, so you can let the happy sunshine flow down over the toast on your plate.

Or you can crack it open into a pot of hot water and watch it float, somehow cooking all together even though (at least to me) it should disintegrate.

But it works.

And, if you whisk air into it just long enough, you can make a beautiful mountain range of white cloud peaks to place on your freshly made pie.

It’s beautiful.

How do you cook your eggs? I’m not very particular about it, although I do enjoy a warm, runny yolk to soak up with a chunk of bread. Has anyone ever tried ostrich or another type of egg?

Until next time.


Photo by The Animal Print Shop.



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