A Smattering of Notes

by Jillian Douglas

Hullo, friendlies.

Today I bring you… a few notes that have been floating in this brain of mine. Enjoy! ❤

A. Cities are fabulous, but let’s face it; there’s nothing like a small town. Remember why with this article by Sarah Dobbins at Apartment Therapy


B. Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith. This is a really good book. Like, really, really, really good. Go. Get it. You must. She writes about the first year of marriage for Annie and Carl, two (very) young adults living in the early 20th century in the mid-west. This is one (just one!) step below A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, another book by Betty Smith, that is my absolute favorite piece of literature.

C. Driving home today, I couldn’t help but stop by a little vegetable cart by the side of the road, full of bright and happy garden goods. I picked up some beets and zucchini for practically nothing. (Another wondrous note: that same gardener/farmer sells sunflowers for only 35 cents each! They were all out this time, but next time I see those babies, they’re mine! For you local people, this cart is on East Henrietta Rd, between Rush and Henrietta). But back to beets: this Beet Hummus recipe at The Color Issue looks delicious! And did you know the leafy greens are also edible?

That’s all for now…

Live simply; love deeply. xo

First photo by Sarah Dobbins at Apartment Therapy; second and third photo by Aarean at The Color Issue.


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