Portlandia + Owl City (How Indie!)

by Jillian Douglas

So for a while I’ve been enjoying this lovely image as my wallpaper:


Catnap! From Portlandia!
It’s the best thing ever. (Will be replaced within a week, however, as you know how my Desktop ADD goes). There’s actually a whole bunch of wallpapers for all you Portlandia fans, done by different artists (“Catnap” is by Nate Duval).


“Feminist Book Store” is my new one… created by Methane Studios, Mark McDevitt.

This makes me so happy.

I also have a bit of lovely music for you! Adam Young (of Owl City) released a new track (or perhaps it was prematurely released? I have no idea). Anyways, enjoy Dementia here on First Listen. (Does anybody else love Owl City as much as I do? And Adam Young just seems like a spectacular man, introverted and always dreaming).


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