A List of Lovelies

by Jillian Douglas

Sometimes I just need to make a list and spurt it all out in one quick blog post. So here goes.

Things I am So, So, So, So Grateful For

1. Anticipating new possibilities… big and small, like getting a new job, going back to school (for art!!) and acquiring an iphone. (All still just possibilities. But possibilities turn into plans which turn into the present. So I’m pretty excited.)

2. Experimenting with lace + crayons, and not finding this project on Pinterest, but actually (gasp!) making it up on my own. (I hope that’s allowed…;)

3.  Soaking up Portlandia. Oh, oh, Portlandia. You make me laugh.

4. Wearing my Toms again… they’re a bit thin to wear in the depths of winter, so I saved them until I could fully enjoy and appreciate them once more in this practically-summer-warmth we now have in NY. They make me happy.

5. Making orange + chocolate cake pops with my buddies and boyfriend. They turned out even better than the dream version, which I also spontaneously created in my head one day, while remembering a certain orange chocolate bar with much fondness. Cake pops are fun to eat, but I do not prefer to spend that much time in the kitchen for something I can just eat in a different way (what’s so wrong with just cake? Why does everything have to be a cupcake? Or a cake pop? It just seems so superfluous.)

Anyways, they were delicious and I’ll post a recipe soon after. Also, go eat that chocolate bar. It’s note-worthily mouthwatering (and comes with a poem, too!).

6. Learning about collecting sugar maple sap and boiling, boiling, boiling it down to make the best maple syrup ever. I tell you, I may become as obsessed about homemade maple syrup as I am about honey. I find it so fascinating! More on this topic later… (but you should know that we made maple-chocolate cups, kind of like a peanut butter cup but with maple cream inside. OhMyDearLord. They are so scrumptious. I would share them with each and every one of you if I could!)

7. Reaching new levels in relationships. It’s a scary thing, being genuine, 100% authentic, your soul on display for others to see. Well, maybe not your soul, theologically speaking, but at least your spirit- who you are, your personality, the things that make you you. But as frightening as it is, I can’t tell you how rewarding it is on the other side. In a genuine relationship, you enable each other to reach your potential; this process is love.

Well darlings. What are you grateful for? I want to hear.
Have a splendid day!


3 Responses to “A List of Lovelies”

  1. I “liked” this post when I read it on my phone (iPhone, guilty), but I just had to get on my laptop to say I loved this post! Thank you for reminding us of big and small things to look smile about in life.

    • Thank you, Katherine! It’s remarkable how gratefulness will change your view of life…
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, too 🙂 you encouraged me so much! Best of luck on your own blog; you’re doing a great job 🙂


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