Do you ever dream about weddings?

by Jillian Douglas

I do all the time, it seems. Not even just my own future wedding- which I’ve been planning since I was in 2nd grade (back then my dream wedding had ponies, Cinderella dresses, and a honeymoon in Paris… just so I could pretend to be Madeline). Sometimes I even dream of potential weddings that wouldn’t necessarily be for me. Regardless, there’s a lot of wedding dreaming going on.

One of the best ways I’ve found to obtain wedding inspiration is the internet. Prior to Pinterest, I hadn’t really thought out of the box. Inside or outside? was probably the biggest quandary I pondered. But then, all of a sudden, Pinterest introduced scandalous new ideas such as having a country backyard wedding by choice, embarking on a very romantic elopement, or even just finding less expensive bridesmaid dresses that the girls will actually love.

And as everyone knows, Pinterest is really just another type of online messenger; there has to be a source of all this wedding goodness. So I compiled a list of favorite websites that have really inspired me and my ever-evolving wedding style.

1. Green Wedding Shoes. I love this website because they curate the quirkiest, most creative, most Portlandia-esque wedding ideas and inspiration. You’ll find photos of awesome real weddings, helpful posts about products and wedding-related companies, and dozens of DIY projects. Be prepared to be awed.

2. 100 Layer Cake is another website devoted to The Big Day. You’ll find ideas for everything from the Bachelorette party to what to use as a centerpiece. Style-wise, think somewhere between classic and indie. See their blog for further wedding love…


3. W. Scott Chester Photography. This blog is so great; really, it’s just the home of a wedding photography team. But the people who hire Cristen and Scott are usually pretty gifted in the wedding-planning area themselves, and the photography is out-of-this-world crazy good. So great subject + great photographer = amazingness. They are, by far, my favorite wedding photographers I’ve found so far. So be sure to check this blog out. You will be inspired.

4. Jill Thomas Photography is the home of another great photographer. Other than her awesome first name (wink), her photography bursts with real reflections of who her subjects are. Jill’s photos show less of the photographer and more of what really matters: the people in front of the camera. As a photographer, I find that difficult to master and incredibly admirable.

I hope this post has been helpful, even if you’re just dreaming like I am. Isn’t dreaming fun?


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