Grilled Pears

by Jillian Douglas

I am about to share with you a mighty secret of the Health Nut Gods.

Fruit can be oh-so-sweetly delicious and scrumptious and sweet-tooth satisfying.

What?! Fruit?! You mean those bruised-up apples rolling around in the bottom of every lunch bag I carried to school? You mean those bananas that make everything else in your lunch box banana-y (specifically crackers- blegh!)? You mean those oranges I hate because you have to drench yourself in citrus juice just to get a bite, which inevitably makes all the cuts/dry skin on your hands sting?!

Well, not those. I still despise oranges to a certain degree.

But pears… pears are very nice pieces of fruit. So soft. So tender. So juicy. And so good for you!

I read a recipe for grilled fruit in the Cook This Not That book… so I know it is actually good for you (I can be fooled sometimes…). It’s really quite simple and quick! They used apricots, but I opted for pears after seeing a barrage of recipes on Pinterest.

Grilled Pears

4 servings

2 ripe pears

Greek yogurt


Almonds/Any kind of nut you prefer

1. Cut the stems off the pears and halve them. Scoop out the seeds with a tablespoon.

2. Lay the pears flat side down on a broiler pan, and broil them for 5 to 15 minutes (totally depends on what your oven’s like- the first time I made these, I used Ashley’s panini grill, and then baked them because I accidentally bought very unripe pears.. hee hee. They still came out great, though!) or until the pears look golden brown and soft and gooey.

3. Dress up with a dollop of Greek yogurt, honey, and almonds!


I can’t wait to try this out with apricots and other fruit… yay for healthy eating!

P.S. I also want to try this (not so healthy) recipe out… Honeyed Pears wrapped in puff pastry! MMM!

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