12 before 2013

by adandelionchild

I am a big fan of Elsie Flannigan and I read about one of her traditions on her lovely blog A Beautiful Mess. Every year she writes a list of goals to accomplish and skills to develop. She starts and reviews her lists on her birthday every year and bases the amount of things on her list on the year she is turning. This upcoming year she is starting on her 29 before 30 list. Reading over her recap of last years list and seeing all she has accomplished and learned, I’ve been inspired to start my own list as a part of New Year resolutions.

I usually start the year much like everyone that makes resolutions. I consider what I would like to change or how I would like to grow, but lack of organization and distractions of everyday life prevent me from making much progress and I give up quickly. I also tend to try to focus on too many things and therefore spread my ambition too thin. I think this is a great way to be more organized and attempt to tackle only what  I can manage. So with a new, refreshed attitude towards resolutions, here is my…

12 before 2013

01: read more. I love, love books, but I don’t read enough. The library and I sort of have a past involving me…not returning books. But I’m going to rebuild those bridges and pay my fees and get started on some books from this list.

02: blog on a regular basis. I like blogging, but it has been difficult to keep up with steady posting and the demands of school and work. I wanted to include this on my list though because I want to get better at it and help our little child to grow! (hee hee) I think by blogging more regularly we will be able to develop more of a style and direction in our blog and find our own niche in the blogosphere.

03: must get hands in a condition worthy of a manicure.

04: travel more:

….vacation with my sisters, weekend trips, music festivals, even taking the scenic route home from school.

05: cook and bake more. Elsie’s sister Emma recently posted about baking a loaf of bread a week in the hopes that it’ll become a habit and she’ll know many recipes by heart. I think that is a reasonable goal and that is the level of cooking I really want to be comfortable at. I have so many family and friends that are talented as well as a great opportunity at work to learn from skilled chefs and I am ready to take advantage!

06: be healthier. I don’t have a very healthy lifestyle right now; between eating whatever I want regardless of nutritional value and not ever exercising I am probably setting myself up for disaster in a few short years. I also know that I have a lot of obesity and health problems in my family history that I need to counteract with good habits.

07: become more disciplined in my artwork. I want to become more dedicated to finishing projects and constantly working to develop my skill. It’s not only important because (HELLO!) I’m an art major, but because I think I can be better and I have limited myself in the past. BUT NO MORE.

08: learn to sew. please please someone take me under their wing. The extent of my skill is ghetto hemming black pants in high school and teaching myself  how to do a back-stitch to make a wig for my friend for Halloween. helphelphelphelphelp.

09: become more involved in the Rochester Art Community. It’s bigger than it seems and has a lot to offer. We have great local festivals and galleries but I know that personally I have a limited knowledge of just how much art is a part of this city. I plan on changing that!

10: focus more of my energy and time into my faith and relationship with Jesus. We always need to be constantly learning and growing closer to God. I want to become more of a disciple of Christ and less of my own follower. I know that God’s plans are greater than my own and He has blessings in store for those that honestly seek Him. It’s a slow process and I definitely miss the influence of my high school (LCS), but I’m determined to move forward.

11: watch a meteor shower and see an eclipse.

(perfect constellation calendar via littlebrightstudio on etsy)

I know this is less of a goal and just something I reallyreallyreally want to happen. I’ve also never seen a shooting star and until one of my good friends pointed out the dippers during a bonfire my senior year of high school I’d never seen a constellation! I love stars and the moon, so I think it is just fine that I’m putting this as number 11. So there.

12: have a wealthy mindset. I am just going to say upfront that I got this idea from Jill. We were talking one day about how some wealthier people seem to have this mindset in which they notice the beauty in simple things. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that if you can afford more than just the simple things, they seem to take on their own kind of magic. They have time to slow down and actually look at the world around them. Maybe it has something to do with the freedom life might have without the stress and anxiety that finances bring. Now I am under absolutely no illusions that life would be perfect if I had everything I wanted. Please, I have  enough selfishness and materialism problems. I just think that the mindset is important. I can not afford to buy fresh flowers every day, but I can appreciate their beauty and maybe fill vases with daisies. I can enjoy dinner with friends, even if we made it ourselves with cheaper substitutions than we would have liked. A wealthy mindset is one in which a gift, no matter the size or quantity, has value because it is a gift. See life as luxurious. Sunsets. Public Art. Parks. Love. And if you just can’t understand, read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. Francie’s mother truly understands more than any other woman in literature the importance of a luxurious conviction.

These are my 12 and I’m hoping to make some progress this year. I probably won’t conquer everything, but I think they’re all worth a try. What are you hoping to accomplish? Is there anyone you can encourage in their resolutions this year? Be the inspiration you want to see in the world. Happy New Year.


2 Responses to “12 before 2013”

  1. I love your list and am on board with your #1. Justy got me a kindle fire for Christmas so I’m taking advantage of all the free books. Now my problem is that I’m staying up into the wee hours of the morning reading! I hope you find some good books to stay up late with! (I want to read MK’s book too!) Cheers to a new year!


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