by adandelionchild

As many of you know, I am a vicious nail-biter. Apparently I learned this from my sister who in turn learned it from my mom but I blame it all on my sister. But that’s not important. What is important is even though I hate my habit because:
1) it is pretty icky!
2)buying nail polish = throwing away money. It always, always chips the first day.
3) my nails look like I could do cover work for the Saw movies
…I can not seem to break the habit. I’ve tried everything, folks. It seems like a lost cause, but I’ve found some styles recently that make me want to try harder than before…


I first saw this “sparkle nail” on Elsie’s blog when she was posting details about her wedding. She thought it would be sweet to show off her “married finger”. I think it’s lovely, but also a very cool idea and could be used on any finger. I would love to just paint my thumb in a glittered polish or even with a slightly different shade of the same color.



The matte nail trend started in late summer and has gone through fall. I hope it sticks around through the rest of winter as well because I think it’s really chic.

I found this edgy application via the wide [glorious] world of pinterest. Either of these styles would be perfect for the holidays.


There are so many rad patterned nail designs out there. I can actually remember being in elementary school and watching my sister and her friends paint tiny flowers on their nails, wishing I could have totally, like, cute nails like the big girls.

I think I’ve gotten past it.

Maybe not.

Well, here are a couple of my favorites from around the web that are a little more updated than the muchly pined over dot flowers of my childhood.

Here are just some other nail tutorials and ideas to check out if you’re feelin it.

Galaxy Nails (a la A Cup Of Jo)


For some reason I adore these sweet strawberry nails


New Years Resolutions will be starting within a month (yikes!) and usually I don’t bother trying to convince myself I can tackle breaking this habit, but with inspiration like this I might be able to last more than a week. Anyone have any other tips or just some sweet nails to brag about?


2 Responses to “Motivation”

  1. I love the matte! Looks so pretty and sophisticated.


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