Tilt-Shift Van Gogh

by Jillian Douglas

I stumbled across this awesome collection of photos the other day.

It’s Van Gogh’s paintings! Tilt-shifted!
Tilt-shift is a type of photography that uses a very, very shallow depth-of-field, making one specific section of the photo sharply focused and the rest very blurred. Tilt-shift lens are very expensive… but I hope to get one some day (I can dream, right?). You can also achieve this effect using photoshop, which is how Selena Malyon edited these.
To see the slideshow, go to Artcyclopedia.com.
I think this one is my favorite…!

A lot of people commented on how they thought this dishonored Van Gogh’s work. I think it’s just a new way of looking at his pieces, and appreciating parts that weren’t so easy to see or focus in on before the editing. What do you think? Is this sacrilegious or merely fresh?


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