last weekend

by adandelionchild

First I would like to just thank Jill for holding down the fort single-handedly here on JJ&Good for the past few weeks while school has gotten outrageously out of control for me. Besides class and going to work on the weekends at my rad job, life has been pretty uneventful save for last weekend. On Thursday my brother and I drove to Rockland County to surprise my sister Sheila for her birthday. We stayed for the weekend with her, her husband Grames and their two children, Gobbles and Peanut.

the chubby cherubs themselves

Grames made all the arrangements for us to come down. He also got Sheila tickets to the new ABC show The Chew (she met Clinton Kelly and Chef Michael Symon!), which is a recent obsession of my sisters and mine. Grames does a lot of stuff like that. He’s pretty cool I guess.

Anyways, here is what our weekend looked like:

the inevitably unflattering driving photo

HUGSHUGSHUGS. “I can’t believe you’re here!” HUGSHUGSHUGS.

fish tacos which incidentally gave me a mild case of food poisoning

losing to the boys in cranium.

going to work with sheila

ikea. the container store. west elm. taco bell.

the Brooklyn Flea! Sheila got this vintage camera.
groovy antiques, top shelf art, clothing, and gourmet food booths.

s’mac. I tried the parisienne. so, so yummy.

rice to riches. have you heard of this place? it was my first time there and….i’m hooked.

we TRIED to make homemade candy bars…

We had a great time and it was so much fun going into Brooklyn but the best part was just getting to spend time with my amazing sister and her husband. They are both incredible people and it was wonderful being able to be there to celebrate her birthday with her.

P.S. get excited people because JJ&Good will soon be featuring a guest post by one of our lovely friends. stayed tuned to see who!


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