by adandelionchild

I’m really excited to share with you about this project that I found (via {*wit + delight}). It’s called The 15 Friends project. Twig Creative invited 15 artists and designers to participate in a collaboration to make two unique canvases that at the end of the project will be auctioned and the profits given to charity.

I’m excited to see what the other designers add. I’ll will probably be checking in at the Twig Creative Blog daily, but I am so interested by the little additions already completed. I think they’re already off to a great start.

The first and only (so far!) collaborative art project I’ve been a part of was The Sketchbook Project, which is organized by the Art House Co-op. The guys and gals over at the Art House Co-op are passionate about getting everyone involved in art, especially people who think their artistic abilities are limited to stick figures and crayons. They are trying to accomplish by presenting pre-made projects that don’t limit creativity and are open to everyone without any pressure. They put on different projects every couple of months and it’s easy to get involved. Check out The Sketchbook Project, A Million Little Pictures, and The Fiction Project.

I participated in The Sketchbook Project in 2010 and did one sketchbook as a collaboration between JJ, our amazing high school art teacher (Mama D), and myself. We thought it would be fun to do a piece of artwork together and JJ and I thought it would serve as good motivation to continue with our artwork during our first months of college. We made the mistake of also trying to tackle an additional sketchbook each. On top of school and work demands (and my time management *cough*…or lack thereof) we struggled to do our share of the collaborative work. Luckily Mama D undertook finishing the second half of the sketchbook so we could send it in on time. She did a wonderful job, and we were happy that we had been able to do at least a little collaborative work. If you’d like to, check out JJ’s sketchbook here.

While things with The Sketchbook Project didn’t pan out exactly how we imagined it was still a fun piece to work on and I was very proud of what we did accomplish. Plus, I’ve always loved working in groups, whether it was on Homecoming or making up a skit for chapel. Being able to use the same kind of teamwork and feed off each other in a piece of artwork was so inspiring. If you haven’t tried doing a collaboration, I highly recommend it. It is one of the easiest ways to find inspiration. I found especially that it made me more flexible in my artwork; I would get a couple ideas or have a strict plan in my head then decide on something completely different when I saw what my friends had done.

Now I feel excited to start my own collaboration!  What should we do next, JJ?!


One Comment to “collaborate!”

  1. TAKE ON THE WORLD! Specifically with shiny silver spray paint!
    I have an idea brewing…
    (P.S. Lovely post, darlin 🙂

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