by Jillian Douglas

Ever since I was a young little girl, I dreamed of traveling places. I was enthralled with the culture of India, even when I was just about six years old. I probably didn’t know much about more about India than what I had read in a storybook (perhaps it was A Little Princess), but still, it captivated me. And then I read Ludwig Bemelman’s Madeline, and France became my favorite, and will probably remain so for a great while.

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Through a series of mission trip opportunities with church and school, I’ve been to some pretty cool places, like Lima, Peru, Oaxaca, Mexico, and Valencia, Spain. They were each eye-opening, mind-tingling, wonderful journeys. My favorite part of traveling is learning about the culture; differences in people fascinate me. I dream of embarking on a Sketch Tour, collecting portraits of people I meet around the world and publishing them in a book. Or perhaps just my own sketchbook. Either way, it would be inspiring and full of fascination of life, wonder, and wanderings.

The photos above are just a few of many on Julian Bialowas’ Flickr. Julian’s simple designs and inspiring words unveil hidden moods in his impressive photographs. I can’t help but want to “favorite” every single one of his photographs.

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Here’s somewhere I’d love to go next. Apparently these whimsical woods located in Poland are a complete mystery… no one knows why their trunks are bent. I think it would make an amazing photoshoot. And I’d love to just spend hours reading a lovely book, nestled on one of these hooked trunks.

While I don’t think I’ll be traveling soon, I still daydream sometimes. I wonder who’s in Prague. I wonder what the Sistine Chapel really looks like, and if I would like it or not. I wonder if Tokyo is one big techno dance party, or what treasures are hidden there underneath the glitz and glam.

But at the same time, I feel an inexplicable peace with just staying where I am, in this little town in the middle of nowhere. Because there are adventures to be had everywhere- even just right where you are.

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Do you dream about traveling? Where do you plan on going in your lifetime? Where was the best place you’ve ever been? I’m dying to know..!


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