Vintagey Wallpaper Love

by Jillian Douglas

I have desktop ADD. I just do. Sometimes I change my wallpaper three times a week. It’s pretty bad.

But worse is running out of things to use as wallpaper. I detest stretched photos, so I don’t even go there. But I do download… and I’ve come to know quite a few great websites that provide fantaaaaastic backgrounds! Yay!

My favorite is As you might know, Fossil is actually a high-end store that produces clothing and accessories I adore and unfortunately, can’t afford (why does this gorgeous sweater have to be $88?!?! whimper, whimper). It’s kind of like my relationship with Anthropologie. However, on the bright side, Fossil also has a pretty sweet blog, where they give (for free!) downloadable wallpapers. Like this one!

Fossil Keys

What's In Your Bag?

This is what my wallpaper is today. Er, this week.

Just click the images to see a few… or click here to see a lot more.


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