what would Barry Goldfarb see?

by adandelionchild

Barry Goldfarb is a loveable, older man with a classic broadcaster voice that wears checked button-downs and khakis and taught my Cinema Drama class. I LOVED this man’s class. He handled the impassioned speeches and extreme opinions of my classmates with cheeky retorts, always with a mischievous glint in his eye, and, without any profound comments to add, I spent most of the class trying to stifle my laughter at these exchanges. I took the class because I needed to fulfill an elective credit and I’ve always loved movies. Everything about them are interesting to me: the process, the casting, the script, the directing, the styling… the list goes on forever.

But to me, films always come back to the overall experience and I could see that I didn’t share the same frenzied fervor for every minute detail like the film studies majors. That is what I liked about Barry. He could argue the merits of a dolly shot versus a handheld approach but also knew that for most viewers, that won’t matter one bit. He just loved movies for the simple experience. Like me.

So even though I took that class last spring, I still think of him fondly when I see a movie with potential–one that Barry Goldfarb might see (well, that he might love, because he is, after all, a cinema teacher and probably watches everything that comes out.)  The first of these was the remake of True Grit. I knew we were kindred movie spirits when we chatted about it for a good twenty minutes before class one afternoon.

In the spirit of movie watching, here are two trailers for films that I can not wait to see. Both look very good to me, even if we can all guess the ending of the Abigail Breslin film.




What movies are you looking forward to seeing?


2 Comments to “what would Barry Goldfarb see?”

  1. I enjoyed these trailers, Ashley. Both look like emotional wringers. I might have to prepare myself and kind of sit alone for the first one. And yeah, maybe we already know where the second one’s heading, but the cast, especially the dad and daughter, can pull it off and make it meaningful.
    I’m glad you had a good experience with your film class. I took a psych course (adolescent behavior) in which the teacher liked to play movies that he felt would help us better understand youth of the day; i.e., really crude, lacking in plot, lots of cheap sex and bathroom humor. I took a shower as soon as I got home.
    The trailers you shared look more meaningful than that, thank goodness.

    • Yes, these films do seem a little more substantial. I have to confess I have a big weakness for Abigail Breslin. I think she’s amazing!

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