Photo Editinggggg!

by Jillian Douglas

So you took that snapshot 5 months ago and you still can’t stop thinking about. It’s beautiful! It’s charming! It evokes just the right emotions deep within my soul! And yet the picture itself is pleading with you, Please, please… edit me. I have curves! I have layers!Ā  Edit me!

Photos can be a little needy.

Anyways, with a handy little (FREE) tool called GIMP, you too can answer the wild call of photos and set their hearts on fire! Apparently GIMP is a tad harder to learn than Photoshop, but with online tutorials, learning a few editing skillz is a breeze!

So here’s the first tutorial; it’s really good for portraits, but adaptable to a lot of different kinds of photography. Don’t worry, it’s really easy! You can get the original free tutorial from Jonathan Enn’s blog, Photo Excursions. It’s a tad different. Here’s a photo I edited using this:

1. Alright. So after you have downloaded GIMP and whatever, open a photo by clicking File and Open. Select your desired photograph.

2. There should be a window that looks like this:

It’s called the Layers Dialogue. (If you don’t see it, Go to Windows, then Dockable Dialogs, then Layers).

Now duplicate the image by clicking this button:Ā  Select the new layer.

3. Go to Colors. Click Invert.

4. Now back in that Layers Dialogue, set the opacity of this layer to 50%. Your photo will look really gray with some outlines in it. (Even after step 5, you can go back and change this around to suite your liking. It can really vary between photos).

5. Now the last step… in the same Layers Dialogue, change the Mode by clicking the small arrow pointing down and clicking Grain Extract.

6. And voila! Pretty picture. All you need to do is save it as a .jpg (click Export and Save in the boxes that pop up). Now go brag about your awesome photography skillz on Facebook!

Okay, so this looks like a very subtle difference. But believe me! It adds a lot of punch!

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will get back to you!

P.S. If you want to save it in a way that you can edit these layers again later, just save it as an .xcf file (example: IMG_1042.xcf). This is a GIMP-only file type that will preserve the layers.


3 Comments to “Photo Editinggggg!”

  1. I love the drama in this photo, especially after being there in that very spot. Very nice effect, Jill.

  2. really cool, thanks for the tip JJ!

  3. Mom- thank you! šŸ™‚
    Shane- did you try it out yet? I’d love to see it if you did šŸ™‚

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