Ombre Everything

by Jillian Douglas

Color is so important in design. It can really make or break something, like that ugly chartreuse sweater your auntie gave you in junior high (chartreuse, then = geeky. chartreuse, now = edgy & hipster. how things have changed…)

So what really gets me about ombre is that it’s appropriate for any color. Ombre means the item is one hue, but fades into different tones. It’s a subtle but also striking technique. I love this Blueberry Rainbow cake, made by Swedish blogger Lisa Lundqvist…

I find this monochromatic (one hue, different shades) style so lovely and elegant. I think it originates from the glory days of tie dye, using a basic dip-dye effect. Regardless, it matches almost every style, from traditional or preppy to bohemian or indie.

This yellow ombre bag from Teddyfish would look great with so many different outfits… And this Happy Birthday Card from Social Proper is just lovely. Anthropologie got it just right with this emerald ombre covered dish (at $28, that sounds like a steal, taking into account the depressingly high prices over there).$redesign-appcat$

Do you readers agree? Do you have a favorite ombre item? I’d love to hear about them!


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